Oakwood, Ockley and Forest Green Show

Erm hi everyone,

On saturday I went to the Oakwood, Ockley and Forest Green Show. It was a really fun day and was really busy. I met loads of new dogs and walked around all the stalls. There was a variety of stalls including: jewellery, antiques, bee keeping and even chickens and ducks for sale – which I loved chasing. There was even a raffle to win two of the chickens, but unfortunately my human was unsuccessful.

I entered 3 of the competitions in the dog show, it was very nerve-racking but I managed to place 4th in ‘Prettiest Bitch’ and 3rd in ‘Best Rescue’, unfortunately in the category ‘Dog the judge would most like to take home’ my nerves got the better of me and I did a runny poo, so didn’t place at all!

There were supposed to be some other dogs performing tricks in the ring, but I didn’t see them, perhaps I didn’t stay for long enough. All in all I had a great day, pictures of me and my rossettes to follow!!