Lost and Found Dogs

Dog Warden

If you lose your dog out on a walk, it escapes from your garden or is stolen, you should contact your local dog warden. Numbers for dog wardens for each council can be found on our county council information pages.

If you find a dog and you do not know who the owner is, or cannot easily re-unite the dog, you MUST report it to the dog warden. They may let it stay with you until the owner is found so it does not have to go into kennels, but you should not just keep it or re-home it yourself.

Lost and Found Websites

It is a good idea to register your dog on ‘missing dog’ websites. These websites list lost and found dogs around the UK, so that pets can be reunited with their owners :

Dog Lost

National Missing Pet Register

Found and Lost Pets

Alfie’s Lost Dogs



When a dog is handed in to the dog warden or a vets, they will scan it for a microchip. Chipping your dog is a great way to make sure you can be contacted if your dog is found straying. If your pet is micro-chipped, you can inform your chip provider that your pet is missing, which means it will be flagged up if they are found and scanned for a chip.
Make sure you keep your contact details up to date! There is not much point having a chip if you can’t be reached through the contact information registered to it!

There are several microchip providers in the UK, you should be given paperwork from the person who implants the chip to tell you which yours is registered with . It will either be PetLog , PetTrac , PetProtect or Anibase.

Identification Tags

Pets Bureau


Searching Services

There are several companies who offer a service to help you search for a lost pet

– Animal Search UK