About Us

Can We Take The Dog was started in 2010 after a frustrating holiday in Cornwall with our dog Meg!

Although we had researched dog friendly accommodation before we left, when we arrived we found it difficult to find places to visit that would allow us to take Meg with us. It was equally difficult to find pubs, cafes and restaurants that we could eat in while we were out and about, and we found that the beaches all had varying dog policies, some of which weren’t clear until you got to the sign 100 yards from the beach!

After finding lots of information about dog friendly places while we were away, we decided to share the knowledge with other dog owners to make travelling with dogs easier.

Since 2010 Meg has been on many holidays around the UK, finding lots of great places where pets are welcomed.

The site is continually expanding as we add new listings, and if you find somewhere we have missed, you are welcome to ask us to add it to the site for other dog owners to use.




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