Review: Polesdon Lacey, Bookham

Erm Hi Everyone!

On Monday the 22nd August, my human took me to Polesdon Lacey National Trust site in Bookham. It costs £2.50 for non-National Trust members to park, but this lasts all day. It also costs non-National Trust members to enter the site. Me and Meg ran off the lead for most of the day! There was one area – the walled garden, where dogs were not allowed, but we weren’t bothered as we had acres and acres to run in and investigate! There were a few fields which had small lambs, so I had to go on my lead as I’m not too good with livestock. Also there were some horseriders riding up one of the paths so I briskly was put on my lead as I just love to chase horses!

There was a cafe and a restaraunt, but me and Meg weren’t allowed in. Luckily there were a few benches outside covered under a marquee so my human could buy some food from the cafe!

Me and Meg loved this day out and the views were amazing.