Review: Richmond Dog Show

Erm Hi Everyone!

On Friday 9th September, I attempted to visit Richmond Dog Show!!

Unfortunately just as me and my human tried to walk in the front gate we were stopped and asked for our pass! We weren’t sure what the other human meant, but apparently my human should have applied for a pass for me to walk around the show and consequently I was called an ‘unregistered dog’ and had to be sent to the unregistered dog tent, where my owner had to pay £5 for me to be looked after by some attendents.

She meanwhile had a great time, looking around all the stalls, meeting new people and watching the Best of Breed shows at the end of the day.

I was very well looked after, they tried to take me for a walk, but I must admit I missed my human too much and tried to slip my collar, I then also refused to eat some treats, but my human did make it up to me…a bit…by buying me a zebra print harness and matching lead!! Very flash!

Cherry x