Review: Royal Military Canal, Kent

I can highly recommend a walk along the Royal Military Canal, we walked from Hythe to Dymchurch and back again which took around and hour and a half.

There is free parking available at The Green off Portland Road in Hythe, which is right next to the canal.

I ran off lead nearly the whole way, and just had to be careful a couple of times when we came near a road, but most of the time we were just out in the countryside.

My owners were pleased becasue there were several picnic benches along the way so they could stop for a snack and to give me some water!

They were also interested in the Sound Mirrors which could be seen up on the hills.


All in all this was a great day out. The walk was interesting, there were lots of benches and bins along the way, and it was a nice safe distance from the road so I could run free!

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