Review: ProDen PlaqueOff® Animal – Part 1


  With the high cost of animal dental work, and the fact that it is almost always carried out under general anaesthetic, I am sure a lot of people would be interested in a food supplement which removes tartar and prevents future plaque build up.

  When I took the Can We Take The Dog resident cat, Lulu, for a vet checkup I was told that she had some plaque build up on her teeth. I was advised that this should be removed to prevent further dental problems such as gingivitis and periodontitus developing.  However, I was put off the scale and polish the vet offered as Lulu would have to be knocked out for the work to be done, and the prices for the treatment started at an eye watering £195!

I decided to research some other pet care dental products, to see if there was another option for removing plaque without the need for anaesthetic, and found something which seemed to offer the perfect solution – PlaqueOff. This product , unlike most in the animal plaque control market, comes as a powder that is sprinkled onto food. When absorbed into the bloodstream via digestion, the ingredients entersthe saliva and prevent accumulation of plaque by stopping it ‘sticking’ to surfaces. Tartar that has already built up becomes porous, and loosens itself or can be easily removed by brushing the teeth. It promises to show results in 3 – 8 weeks.

Over the next few weeks I will be trialling ProDen PlaqueOff Animal on both Lulu and Meg, as both have some degree of plaque on their teeth despite brushing them. Lulu is three, so has a few extra years build up, and was fed a biscuit food for two years before she was switched to a raw meaty bone diet, so her teeth her all slightly off coloured.

Meg’s teeth are quite bright white in comparison, but have recently started to show some discolouration around the gumline, so it will be interesting to see how PlaqueOff works on both levels of plaque.


The tub of PlaqueOff was supplied with a little scoop, to make measuring the amount needed quick and easy.

Neither Meg or Lulu seemed to notice the PlaqueOff sprinkled on their food, which was suprising as it smelt quite strongly of seaweed, but only a very small amount is required (half a scoop for cats and 1 scoop for medium sized dog).

Keep a lookout for our next PlaqueOff Dog Blog post, as we will report the progress after two weeks use of the product!

to be continued ……