Review – West Beach Littlehampton


Just last weekend my owners took me out in the metal box on wheels to the sea side. They called it Littlehampton, funny that, it seemed quite big to me!

The pet friendly beach they took me to was the opposite side of the river to all those scary amusements and rides, its called West Beach. My owners were made up with the big car park, which was down the end of a lane that runs along side a golf course. The human man owner was even happier when he saw a place to fill his belly, at the aptly named West Beach café.
When I was safely out the box on wheels I ran straight on to the beach! The only hurdle I had to get over was a few pebbles and a small pebble slope, but once I was over that I enjoyed running on the lovely golden sand. We ran on the beach and in and out the sea for at least 45 minute before we caught site of some sand dunes. We left the sand by the sea, and walked back over the pebbles and into the dunes.
The dunes, my owners told me, are part of a nature reserve. There was a trail which led us through the dunes on a fun wooden walk way back towards the cafe, where we stopped for a bowl of water and a brew for my owners.

West Beach can be accessed via Rope Walk, Ferry Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5DL.

Dogs are allowed on West Beach all year round. There are restrictions on Long Beach, on the other side of the River Arun, and dogs are not allowed on this beach May-September.

Facilities include : –

Pay and display car park
Dog bins
Toilets(which cost 20p to use)
Local information notice board