Review: ProDen PlaqueOff® Animal – Part 2


The Results

We had some great results using PlaqueOff, with the most noticeable difference in Lulu’s teeth which had some plaque build up on them.

The photos below show the difference to Lulu’s teeth after adding PlaqueOff to her food for 12 weeks.

PlaqueOff before and after

Her teeth were noticeably whiter and smoother and, as you can see in the picture, very shiny compared to the matt texture they were before.

Meg’s teeth were already very clean, and did not have any plauqe build up to remove.

We have continued to use PlaqueOff with Meg and Lulu for a year now, and both of their teeth have stayed clean and white. I will be continuing to use the product, and hope that this combined with regular brushing, will prevent the need for dental treatment from the vet.