Review: Wildwash Shampoo


Meg was sent some Wildwash shampoo to review by GJW Titmuss, so we put it to the test after a muddy walk! Wildwash is a new range of shampoos which are naturally pH balanced. They contain conditioning and anti-irritating Soybean Phospholipids, and the natural flea deterrent Neem. It also contains Sea Kelp and Aloe Vera which help to nourish, soothe and calm.

Meg sampling wildwash shampoo

The variety we tested was the ‘Wildwash Shampoo for Light Coats’, as the white areas of Meg’s coat can become dull and yellow over time. This contains Chamomile, Lemon and Lime which act as natural lighteners.

The shampoo lathered up really well, and I only needed to use a very small amount to cover Meg’s whole body. It did a great job of removing all the mud from her coat and tail, and after one wash I could feel she was squeaky clean. We did a second lather on the really muddy areas under her belly and up her legs and I was pleased to find that it rinsed out nice and easily, as although Meg is quite happy to get in the bath, she’s had enough after about five minutes and I usually have to battle to keep her in while I rinse the rest of the soap out!Lulu sniffing shampoo

The biggest difference I noticed compared to other dog shampoos we have tried was the amazing smell! It had a delicious fruity scent and the citrus came through very strongly. It smelt so nice even Lulu came to investigate what was going on!


When Meg had been dried off her coat looked beautiful. She was lovely and shiny, and her white areas were nice and bright again. Lulu seemed intrigued by the smell, and it seemed to have the same effect on her as catnip! She spent the evening sniffing Meg and then running around the house at top speed, only slowing down to come back for another sniff!

drying wildwashThe scent of the shampoo was still noticeable for several days after bathing her (until she had been through numerous puddles!)

Overall we were very impressed with the shampoo; only a small amount was required to get Meg’s coat beautiful and clean, it smelt great, and Meg had no irritation from using it.

Licking her legs Wildwash shampoo Licking her lips
2014-07-31 20.20.53 2014-07-31 20.20.47 Lulu Sniff

This product was supplied by G J W Titmuss who are an online supplier of the Wildwash range.

You can visit the Wildwash website for more information about the range of shampoo.