Trusted Housesitters is the world’s largest house and pet sitting website. They connect pet owners who sitter, with trustworthy house sitters. Many house sitters offer their help for free in return for a free retreat, saving accommodation costs for them and pet care costs for homeowners.


Whether you are going away for a weekend or a year it’s never great idea to leave your property empty and if you have pets an in home house sitter is the perfect alternative to expensive and impersonal kennels. From city to rural properties, high rise apartments to off grid ranches and everything in between – our house sitters have experience and expertise to care for all types of properties and pets.


5 Reasons vets prefer animals to remain in their own home

  1. Illness – animals taken to kennels and catteries may be exposed to illness and disease such as kennel cough.
  2. Pests – While most owners are vigilant and responsible about fleas, ticks and worms you can’t be sure what your pet may come into contact with at a kennel.
  3. Territorial Issues – Dogs and cats are naturally territorial and can find it stressful to be removed from their normal environment
  4. Transportation – the journey to the kennel or cattery can be very
  5. Human contact – Having human company is very important to all pets and is something they may not get enough of either at a kennel or with a ‘drop in’ pet sitter.


As well as knowing your pets are being looked after, you will have the added comfort of knowing your home is not being left empty. Home security can be an issue if properties is left empty and a house sitter is the ideal deterrent.

House sitters can also water indoor and outdoor plants, cut the grass, keep the weeds down or any other tasks you need taken care of in the garden.

The majority of house sitters at offer their services free of charge in exchange for accommodation. This can save you a significant amount of money when compared to booking pets into kennels or hiring a traditional house sitting agency.