Review – Kong Wobbler

The Wobbler by Kong is a toy which dispenses food. It sits upright until it is pushed – either with a paw or nose, and then dispenses treats out of the small hole as it wobbles around. The spinning, rolling and wobbling movement keeps it varied and challenging for dogs to get all the treats out.

Key facts:

  • Made of FDA food-approved, high-strength, plastic polymer
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Top screws off from bottom for easy filling

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Meg really enjoys playing with her Kong Wobbler. It keeps her busy and makes her work for her food. In the video below she demonstrates how she uses her nose and her paws to knock the treats out.

We mainly use it when we have to leave her at home on her own. It keeps her occupied when we are leaving, and the mental stimulation tires her out so she settles down quickly once she has got all the treats out.

Even though Meg it quite rough with it and it is often sent crashing into the kitchen cupboards as it spins across the floor, it is wearing remarkably well and there is not a mark on it!

I would definitely recommend this toy as an boredom buster!