Review: Marrow Bone Dog Chew

We knew when the Marrowbone chew Meg was sent to review had arrived – because she sniffed it out and took the package from the pile of post!

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Meg has had nylon bones in the past but wasn’t really interested in them, however the Marrowbone has a jerky flavour in the centre which proved too good to resist! After she had helped herself by opening the packet, she then spent over half an hour contently working on chewing it.

The Marrowbone is tough and durable, so can provide your dog with hours of chewing satisfaction. The nylon shavings raised during chewing can act like a toothbrush to help clean a dog’s teeth.

There are several different sizes of bone available – the guide below shows which is recommended for different weights of dog.

Dog Weight Bone Size
Up to 6kg S or M
Up to 13kg M or L
Up to 21kg L or XL
Over 21kg XL or XXL

I was very impressed with the Marrowbone as Meg rarely spends very long playing with a toy or chew before she moves onto something else, but this was tasty enough to keep her attention and she spent a long time focused on it. The size we tried was Large, and this seemed to be a good size for Meg as it was big enough for her to work on, but not too big for her to get a good grip on.

She soon developed a technique and held the bone upright in her paws so she could chew at the end where the end of the jerky flavoured centre was!

Below is a video of Meg enjoying the Marrowbone.

This product was supplied by G J W Titmuss who are an online supplier of the Company of Animals Marrow bone range.

You can visit the Company of Animals  website for more information about the range.