Christmas with a dog

Meg loves Christmas – she gets to spend lots of time with her family, she enjoys getting spoilt with lots of presents on Christmas Day, and looks forward to the traditional Boxing Day walk.

If you are looking for a Christmas present for your dog, or a dog lover in your family, Dog Fest now have 2016 tickets available. If you order before the 16th December they will arrive before Christmas, and will be in festive packaging so are ideal to give as a gift.


While you are enjoying Christmas with your pets, remember there are lots of items which are in the house at Christmas which are harmful to dogs.  As well as the obvious items, it’s a good idea to check presents in case they contain food, or keep them out of reach of pets.

The following items are either poisonous or harmful to dogs:

– grapes
– Christmas cake
– mince pies
– cooked bones
– onions
– chocolate
– Christmas pudding
– alcohol
– peach stones