April 2016 Microchipping Laws – Are you ready?

From the 6th of April 2016 it is compulsory to have your dog micro chipped once it reaches 8 weeks old. If you dog is found not to have a microchip, you could be fined up to £500.

The microchip must be fitted by a trained professional such as a vet or dog warden.

There are currently several organisations offering free micro chipping to enable people to comply with the law. These include:

Dog’s Trust

Blue Cross

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

– some local council dog wardens


Micro chipping your dog not only gives you peace of mind that if your dog were to stray it could be returned to you, but could also help prove that you were the owner of your dog if they were stolen.

Even once your dog is micro chipped, they must still wear a collar and tag with your name, address and phone number on when out in public.


Full details can be found on the government website.