Moving House With a Dog

Moving into a nice new area or a home will be something that requires you to be well prepared for what comes ahead of you, especially if you are a dog owner. Moving is a pretty big deal and thankfully most dogs are usually excited about the prospect of going on one huge walk as soon as they figure it out themselves.
For you as a dog owner however things are not all that simple, since you will need to take care of their needs and a whole lot more in the process. Let’s get started with the first tips on our list:

Making your plans well in advance
Even though the dog may really enjoy walks and traveling by car, you should consider how you can make use of a great plan to make moving out of your home a reality. Researching what your local market has to offer in terms of moving companies should be done at least several months in advance ideally, as this will allow you more breathing room so you can make plans. Getting a quote from many companies out there will give you a better chance to figure out which one suits your needs more accurately. Keep the dog away from the packing supplies and the process before moving, as they could get into things, making it harder for you to handle the moving process. Do make sure your pet is out of the way of the movers on the big day, as it could end up bumping into someone or getting agitated at the strangers in their home. Leave the pet with a friend where they will be safe and free to roam or lock them in a big room if you have no

Notify the vet you will move
Letting the vet know when you plan on moving would be nice, as they would be able to give you a reference for a colleague of theirs in a new location if the need arises and your dog has need for special care. If that is the case then they may even prescribe a mild sedative to excessively active dogs that just won’t sit still on the road, though this would be pretty rare. When you deal with pets cats are usually the more neurotic species, so you won’t have much to worry about during your preparations for the moving experience. You should also remember to update the information on your pet’s chip if it has one as well as its collar to reflect the change of address.

Making your dog comfortable
For the most part having a carrier for smaller dogs would do, but larger ones will need a special compartment in your vehicle if you don’t want them to get in the way. On the other hand if you plan on traveling via plane, then you will need to find a company that either specializes in moving pets or you will need to see about taking the dog with you on the flight if possible. The dog should never be simply moved via crate, as it will need to be kept safe on the road. A dog seat belt when traveling by car or a harness will be necessary to keep them from being harmed, so make sure you cover all your bases.

Checking out the travel route
If you will travel by car, then you will need to travel longer distances than what you may be used to. You would do well to get acquainted with the route so you can make moving easier for you and your dog. Dogs will need to stretch and run around just like humans do, as well as have a bathroom break as well, so you would do well to ensure they have those as much as you do. Once you get that planning done your moving experience will be much better in the long run.

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