tails.com tailor-made dog food

tails.com provides a subscription service of tailor-made dog food which is created based on your dog’s health, lifestyle, life stage and flavour preference, then delivered to your door every month.


Tailor-Made Dog Food

Because every dog is different, we think their food should be too. At tails.com we hand-blend every bag of food to suit your dog’s unique needs, based on a range of factors including age, breed, weight and dietary preferences. A genuinely tailor-made diet provides optimised nutrition, meaning a happier and healthier life for your dog.

Delivered to Your Door

We deliver your dog’s unique blend straight to your door, once a month so you never run out and you can pause, delay or cancel at any time. We even include a free Perfect Portion Scoop in your first delivery for easy portion control.

Great Value

As an online business we cut out the middleman, meaning we use high quality ingredients and can still compete on price with high street brands. Calculate your dog’s individual price using our 2-minute nutritional consultation.​

Tails.com have very kindly provided a discount code to enable our readers to get a two week free trial of tails.com dog food, with just a £1 delivery charge. Please click on the voucher code button on the homepage and use the promotional code CANWETAKETHEDOG to claim your two week trial.