Henry Wag Glove Dog Towel

We were sent a Henry Wag Noodle Glove Dog Towel to try out by dfordog.co.uk.

Being a spaniel with dangling ears and whispy feathering, Meg gets absolutely soaked when we walk in the winter, so this product seemed like a great fit for us!

This microfibre noodle dog cleaning and drying glove towel is designed to remove both dirt and water from your dog’s coat. The ‘oven glove’ design enables easier use making drying quicker.

The noodle side gives the maximum cleaning and absorption.

dog drying towel

We decided to test this to its limit, and tried it out on Meg when we had been out in the rain and through the woods – which had lots of puddles and several patches of ankle deep mud.

Previously I had been drying Meg with a standard towel, but found that even once I thought she was clean, she still left wet muddy pawprints across our tiled floor.

The Noodle Glove Dog Towel is designed like and oven glove, with space for your hands at either end. Although I would have preferred one big hand space at each end instead of two gaps (one for fingers and one for thumb),  it definitely helped keep hold of the towel and the dog!

I found the towel to be very absorbant. It was nice and quick to dry Meg off and I found that it did remove the dirt from her paws as well. We usually give her paws a rinse when we get back in, but with the towel I think this would only be necessary if she was really caked in mud.

Since we received the towel it’s been quite wet weather, and we’ve got in the habit of using it every time we get back from a walk.

I’ve been so impressed with the quality of the item and how well it works, I’ve actually just ordered another towel from the range – the Henry Wag Microfibre Dog Dry Coat. 

There are several different towels and coats in this range by Henry Wag, ranging from the single handed glove right up to the dog drying bag for really mucky pups!

Overall we are really impressed with the drying glove for the quality of the product and it’s effectiveness at drying a very soggy dog!