Dog Bins

You can be fined up to £1,000 if you do not clear up after your dog, (or any you are responsible for) when it has fouled on land to which the public has access, including:

  • Car parks
  • Footpaths and towpaths
  • Grass verges
  • Open spaces owned or maintained by the county, district or parish councils
  • Recreation grounds
  • Sports grounds
  • Shopping areas and markets
  • Cemetaries and memorials

It is not the law to pick up after your dog if it fouls on :

  • Roads with a speed limit of more than 40mph and the land running alongside
  • Woodland or agricultural land

although as a courtesy to others we would recommend at least moving it off or to the side of a path.

Please do not leave bagged dog waste behind unless the bags are biodegradable. If there are no dog bins available it is better to take your bagged waste home with you, as plastic bags will not degrade and are a danger to wildlife.

Below is a map of dog bins locations (or litter bins if councils advise to use these for dog waste).

View Surrey Dog Bins in a larger map

Many thanks to the following Councils who have provided locations of dog waste bins:
– Surrey Heath, Spelthorne, Runnymede, Reigate and Banstead, Guildford, Epsom and Ewell.