Review: Wagg Dog Treats

Hi Everyone!

The kind people at Wagg Foods dog food sent Meg and I some tasty treats to review! I was the first to test out these cute paw shaped treats.

My human took me to our usual walk and made me work for these treats. I haven’t been to any training classes with her yet, but I still performed: sit, down and wait all for an extra special treat.


As I was a stray, I often suffer from a poorly tummy if my diet slightly changes, so the ‘Wagg Sensitive Treats’ suited me perfectly. My human could reward me without worrying. The lamb content is also beneficial to support my healthy skin, as a short haired breed, dry and sensitive skin commonly affects me.

I also tested the ‘Wagg Tasty Chunk Treats’ my human used these when she took me and my husky friend Riley out for a walk. They distract dogs and can be used to reward them for all good behaviour.

These ‘Tasty Chunk Treats’ were SO tasty my human wondered where I was after the walk and why I’d gone all quiet; I’d reached the treats up on the top of my crate and was devouring them in the garden 🙂


Cherry x